May 26, 2023

Flexi Bag transportation is a method used especially for the transportation of liquid or granular products. Here are some benefits of Flexi Bag transportation:

High capacity: The Flexi Bag allows the transport of large volumes of liquid or granular cargo. A Flexi Bag usually has a volume of between 10,000 and 24,000 liters. This allows large-scale loads to be transported in one go and reduces shipping costs.

Easy to use and fill: Flexi Bags are designed and used in accordance with the product to be transported. They can be filled quickly and easily by installers. Also, the unloading process is similarly simple. This speeds up the transport process and increases efficiency.

Protection and hygiene: Flexi Bags protect the liquid or granular products they contain from environmental influences, contamination and damage. Its specially designed multi-layer structure minimizes the risk of spillage, leakage or contamination of products. It also provides a hygienic transport environment.

Logistic advantages: Flexi Bag transportation offers advantages in terms of logistics. A Flexi Bag can be placed inside a standard 20-foot container, reducing transportation costs and providing greater load carrying capacity. It also provides convenience in storage and handling processes.

Environmental sustainability: Flexi Bag transportation is a more environmentally sustainable option. Compared to using plastic or metal drums, Flexi Bags generally consume less material and generate less waste. This contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts.

Cost-effectiveness: Flexi Bag transportation is generally a more economical option compared to other transportation methods. Transporting large-scale loads requires less packaging material and less handling. It also reduces shipping costs and enables better management of logistics costs.